The first valued digital asset was the transformation of the song to incorporate large-scale encoding, digital rights management, and online store and fulfillment. The song was the first fully realization and broad acceptance of a digital asset - technologies surrounding the asset construction, warehousing, distribution, and sale - the value workflow - changed retailer forever.  The technology companies, retailers and consumers raced to replicate the success to video, software systems, vector files, and now currency.  

Mark Phillips has developed software, intellectual property, and innovations for over 30 years in the digital media and value transaction space before there were blockchains.


In 2007, Mark Phillips filed for a patent October 13, 2006, US20080125080 A1, Method and System For Value Transfer Between Mobile-Phone Users (US20080125080), which claimed a cryptographic system for the representation of digital currency using mobile carrier's prepaid phone minutes as the backing for the cryptocurrency. Five years later, the first cryptocurrency whitepaper emerged.

Mark Phillips provides consulting services, licensing and innovations advice to the highest levels of your corporation. Mr. Phillips has consulted to executives at Microsoft, the President of Toshiba Consumer Electronics, and countless startups and with experience licensing U.S. territory digital music and related assets and Warner and Paramount  Studios film content for digital distribution, Mark Phillips knows how to identify the value of your company and translate it into actionable business deals, go to market strategies, and consumer offerings.



Mark Phillips has participated in the development of over thirty digital devices in all stages, from inception to large scale manufacturing. Mark Phillips has designed and deployed devices which have reached every state in the United States, with some operating for over a decade. With partnerships and licensing agreements with companies such as Microsoft, Iomega, Toshiba, and others, Mark Phillips understands what it takes to go big or go home.  Mark Phillips has worked with small scale manufacturing facilities in the United States, Flextronic, San Jose, and Toshiba Corporation for consumer electronic devices.  Mr. Phillips has experience with a wide range of fabrication technology including flip-chip, regulatory complaince including UL and CE, and negotiating volume components. 



As trustee of intellectual property for Playlist Licensing, Mark Phillips has a wealth of knowledge in intellectual property licensing. Whether you want to create your own intellectual property strategy, partner to create a patent pool, or launch a licensing offering on your own, Mark Phillips can help. For strategic partnerships, licensing arrangements, or enforcement opportunities, contact Mark Phillips.


Mark Phillips has supported claims in federal court, including computer intrusion, digital file analysis, and identifying elements to satisfy a claim for Computer Fraud and Abuse and Stored Communications Act. Additionally, Mark Phillips has developed software and tools for the forensic analysis of an accessed computer, documented the findings into a report, and testified to the contents in court.  Mark Phillips has also researched individuals claiming to be an expert and provided counsel and the court with materials undermining the credibility of the individual and the work purported to be of evidentiary value regarding forensic computer access. Mark Phillips works with a number of investigators and leading experts in the field of forensic computer analysis.