"Mark's technical analysis and presentation of geo-location artifacts conclusively proved I could not have commited the crime for which I stood accused of.  Data I had no idea was being collected with my apps."

former client


Mr. Phillips provides technical consulting services for forensic computer analysis. All services includes time to analyze the computer image, authoring a report, and two hours of support to investigators.  Device analysis include the following location processing, email authentication, system's breach, and log file processing.  Forensic digital file services including provanance and metadata tracing are also provided.


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"When we engaged Mr. Phillips we did not know the full extent of the intrusion. Upon his analysis, he discovered a number of additional federal statutes which greatly expanded the scope of our claims."



Mr. Phillip has a number of relationships with retired law enforcement individuals which he supports through expert techical serices. Whether you require private investigative technical support services for computer/phone related civil or criminal violations or peice of mind for your current system. Whether you have been hacked, spouse accessed and secreted files, or you need to put systems in place to protect your digital assets the following consulting services are available. All services conclude with an affidavit report and summary. 

Mr. Phillips has worked on a number of forensic tool packages in the open source including Professor Yogesh Khatri's macOS Artifact Parsing Tool. 

macOS Artifact Parsing Tool

Mr. Phillips developed a docker container and cross platform macOS image specific artifact parsing tool kit which takes as input a computer image and exports all relevant plists, sqlite databases, and information regarding bash history, login credentials, fsevents, download history, print history, notifications in both the source files and an excel spreadsheet.

Forensic imaging services is available to preserve your computer and collect evidence relating to any potential violation in the Washington Cybercrime Act, Computer Fraud Abuse Act, Stored Communications Act, and other federal and civil statutes relating to electronic devices and data.  All engagments, after providing a system image, include a 72 hour initial assessment. 


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Mr. Phillips developed a number of tools ranging from the compilation of legal exhibits scripts to automatic transcription of court proceedings using Amazon or Google machine learning systems - reducing the documentaion for court testimony turn around time to thirty minutes per day of court.  Additional tools include preprocessing of electronically stored production, GPS location data transformation, and much more.  Some of these tools were made open source and are available at his Github repository for download.



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